Thursday, 11 December 2014

Our Pet Ice Cube Investigation

Most of our pet ice cubes lasted until just after morning tea - some made it to lunchtime! It was difficult to tell which one lasted the longest but we found out that the best houses were small to reduce air flow and used bubble wrap and/or aluminium foil as they have good insulating properties. Here are some of the houses we made: 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Pet Ice Cube Investigation

Caernarvon Room have been learning all about changing states of matter. Today they were set a challenge to design and build a house for their pet ice cube with the aim of keeping it 'alive' for as long as possible. Using only three materials, they had to be quite creative! Watch this space to see who built the most successful house ...

Friday, 21 November 2014

Sharing Our Books

Today, Caernarvon Room shared their story books with their buddy class - Room 4. We enjoyed sharing them and our buddies enjoying listening to the stories and looking at the pictures.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Picture Books

As part of their narrative unit, Caernarvon Room have been busy writing stories and making them into picture books to share with their Year 1 buddy class. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Buddy Class Science

Today we helped our buddy class with their science investigation. They had to predict and test which materials dissolve. 

School Fair Tomorrow!!

Caernarvon Room have been busy making fudge to sell at our school fair tomorrow. Today we packed it all into bags ready to sell. Come along tomorrow and buy some fudge!!

Friday, 31 October 2014

Science Roadshow

Yesterday, Caernarvon took part in the Science Roadshow. Here is Jessica and Sophie's recount of our experience. 

As we hopped off the bus at Queenstown Primary School we saw a tall man who explained to us what we were going to see. This man showed us into the huge hall where the madness was to be. As we walked inside our eyes nearly popped out of our sockets because the whole place was filled with wacky inventions. We all sat down on the cold, hard floor, in front of a metal table where, we found out later, they did the experiments. The first show was all about the atmosphere with lots of gases. After they did that, we could have a look at some cool inventions and see how they work. There was even a challenge, some inventions had a florescent yellow flag beside it which said we had to figure out how it works, tell one of the parent helpers and get a hole punch in a card. One of the first thing to be seen was a heat wave camera where you can see if things are hot or cold. You could get your name in plastic and see how heavy some planets were compared to others.

Soon after we were called back to the floor to watch the second part of the show. This part was all about living. 3 volunteers were needed. Most of us put our hands up, hoping to be chosen but unfortunately only 3 could. Volunteer number 1 was measured to see how much air she could hold in her lungs, number 2 tested her senses and number 3 went to a website that guessed how tall he would be when he was 20. Then we saw a giant stomach and bladder, some number 1's and number 2's (this was all fake except maybe the number 1 but that was in pots). We learnt loads and, even though we arrived back at school late, we were happy.